Babur Haat in North 24 Parganas


Babur Haat is a quaint rural village located about 51 kilometers from Kolkata. It is a perfect weekend destination for families and friends who want to spend some quality time enjoying the rustic village with the different shades of a traditional Bengal village life. The landscape of Babur Haat is filled with huge stretches of natural fishing lakes or bheris, which are used for the purpose of cultivating some of the tastiest fishes of Bengal. Other village attractions include the vast stretches of rice farmlands, vegetable orchards, mango groves, palm orchards, ponds, rural village houses and local temples. Babur Haat can be a refreshing change from the humdrum existence of a city life. The open fields, thriving greenery, fresh air and vast stretches of blue horizon above can really be a great stress buster. The bustling village life will not only lift your spirits but also take you a step closer to nature. Babur Haat is a preferred weekend destination for many families and business conference events in the city.



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    Babur Haat is known for its idyllic village life and the innumerable fishing lakes and bheris surrounding the village. The lakes are pretty huge and stretch over extensive areas of the village. These lakes are maintained and looked after by the local farmers who cultivate and breed different species of Bengal fishes naturally. One can visit the neighborhood farmlands where the locals cultivate vegetables like cabbage, cauliflowers, potatoes and okras. One can also have a glimpse of the local village life and culture by visiting the village mud houses, the local temple and the local village market. A typical village scene may have a woman sifting rice on a wooden tray or dheki, cows mooing in the background from the shed of the house, farmers working in the fields, fishermen casting nets on lakes, women weaving baskets and brooms to name a few.
    Attractions near Babur Haat include the Malancha village, which is only 15 kilometers away. Malancha is a renowned fishing village of Bengal that has some of the biggest fish markets in all of Bengal. Located at the confluence of two beautiful rivers, the Ichhamati and the Bidyadhari, Malancha offers a great view of sunset from the banks of the Bidyadhari River. The riverbanks are also dotted with many brick kilns with long towers that line up a long way along the banks. The main attraction at Malancha is the fish market, where one would get some of the best local fishes of Bengal at amazingly cheap prices. The fishes are caught fresh and sold live at the marketplace. One can also go for country boating if you wish by crossing the rivers to Chaital village on the other bank.

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    Nature walks, trotting the village paths and lanes, bird watching, fishing and boating are some of the interesting leisure activities you can do at Babur Haat. Fishing can be a great pastime here at the local bheris. One can go for exciting fishing trips with your family and friends and enjoy angling the whole day. You can also go for short picnic trips on the local village grounds and mango orchards. The open fields can be a great space for playing outdoor games like cricket and badminton. For those who love a peaceful walk, walking around the winding paths surrounding the bheris amidst vast stretches of water bodies would be a pleasurable experience. One can also spend time in the beautiful surroundings of the resort property. The resort has boating facilities and swimming pools where one can enjoy a great swim.

General Disclaimer Information

  • How to reach :
  • Babur Haat is linked well by road with Kolkata. You can hire a rented car or avail bus services from Minakhan via Basanti Highway and reach Babur Haat. Bus services are also available between Kolkata and Malancha that goes via Babur Haat.
  • Best time to visit :
  • The best time to visit Babur Haat is during winters and early summers when the heat is less. However, as AC rooms are available it is a great escapade for weekends throughout the year.
  • Lodging Facility :
  • There are many Lodging Facilities available at Babur Haat. Some resorts are equipped with all kinds of modern amenities and services that include air conditioning, televisions, lounge area, dining area, spacious bedrooms with large beds, fully furnished bathrooms, plush furniture. Some of the resorts have swimming pool, spacious outdoor lawns with chic outdoor sitting arrangements, beautiful flower gardens, children parks, parking lots, boating facilities, dining halls, conference rooms and angling facilities. The kitchen provides traditional cuisines and other types of continental dishes as well. The resorts entertains all kinds of traveling guests like day picnic groups, weekend family groups and guests looking for corporate events and family affairs